An incomplete list of talks I've given that were written in HTML format using slidify and the io2012 slides framework.

Interactive charts in R

(EdinbR, May 20th 2015) I show some examples of how you can create interactive javascript plots in R without any js knowledge using the rCharts package as well as newer spin-out packages like leaflet. I’ll talk about the growing trend of gluing together R and web libraries using htmlwidgets, and even more broadly how online interlanguage function repositories can be accessed from R. —

blogR: pop data analysis and R for the web

(Pyschology R-users, November 13th 2014) R is excellent for statistical analysis but it isn't just for manuscripts — it can also be a great tool to investigate everyday questions using public datasets. I’ll tell the stories of a couple of recent analyses I’ve done (with varying success) and also show how easy it is for non-web developers to start building interactive javascript plots and HTML5 presentations from within R. —

The ENCODE-ing of higher order chromatin structure

(BSA section meeting, September 16th 2014) An overview of work done during the first two years of my PhD on integrating ENCODE data with Hi-C methods. —