Interactive charts in R

Ben Moore (@benjaminlmoore)

May meeting 2015

Slides online at:

But first


Talk overview

  1. Why interactive?

  2. How javascript plots work

  3. An easy way to interactive plots in R

  4. Glueing R and js via htmlwidgets

  5. Beyond just plots with blockspring

Why interactive: labels

Why interactive: zoom, show/hide

Why interactive: subplots

Why interactive: networks

Ok I'm convinced, how can I make these?


R background

  • "Hadley"-verse

  • Robust, powerful libraries with strong theoretical underpinnings:

    • ggplot2 :: Grammar of graphics (Leland Wilkinson)
    • dplyr :: Grammar of data manipulation

  • "Ramnath"-verse

  • Neat hacks that get R talking to various javascript libraries:

    • rCharts :: js plots from lattice-like syntax
    • slidify :: HTML/JS/CSS presentations from RMarkdown

Interactive charts

How we will be doing it (?):


ggvis (Rstudio)



But currently:


(And new: packages build with htmlwidgets)

[ dimple.js, highcharts, NVD3, ... ]



Handles data mapping (often JSON) + acts like jQuery for SVG elements.

Very powerful but low-level — basic graphs use the same few elements so no need to reinvent wheel for these.

Loads of js plotting libraries

dimple, NVD3, polycharts, highcharts, ...


  • Uniform (lattice-style) plotting interface for each of these (and more!) straight from R

Example: static

# load data
d <- read.csv2("Twitter50.txt", sep="\t")


# plot with ggplot
ggplot(d, aes(x=Citations, y=Followers)) + 
  geom_point() + theme_bw() + 
  # axis tweaks
  coord_trans(x="log10", y="log10") +
  scale_x_log10(limits=c(10, 1e6)) +
  scale_y_log10(limits=c(1e4, 1e7))

# save to file from device
       width=5, height=5)

(Data from @biomickwatson)

science stars

Example: interactive

# load data
d <- read.csv2("Twitter50.txt", sep="\t")


# dplot (dimple.js)
i <- dPlot(Followers ~ Citations, 
           data=d, type="bubble",
      groups="Name", height=480, width=520)
# axis tweaks
i$yAxis(type = "addLogAxis", overrideMin=1e4)
i$xAxis(type = "addLogAxis", overrideMin=10)

# publish as gist


✓ Quick, easy intro to intractive plots for the web

✓ Range of libraries to choose from

✓ Still evolving, new libraries added

✗ Probably will need to refer to js lib docs for customisation

✗ Sooner or later will need to edit the js source

...more recently people are using htmlwidgets which helps address some of these issues.


  • Framework for glueing together R and external web libraries (e.g. plotting libraries)

  • Not an actual package you're likely to use but underlies new waves of R packages tied to specific javascript libraries

  • It enforces consistency allowing packages to be used in R / RStudio, in RMarkdown documents and in Shiny web applications!

  • Kent Russell @timelyportfolio is currently building one widget per week (!) on his site:

leaflet.js via leaflet R package

Leaflet example code snippet


leaflet(data=accidents) %>% 
  addTiles(urlTemplate="{x}&y={y}&z={z}") %>%
    attribution='© OpenStreetMap') %>%
  setView(lng=-3.19, lat=55.95, zoom=13) %>%
  addCircleMarkers(~long, ~lat, radius=~(no_vehicle+.8)**1.5, fillOpacity=.15,
    color=NA, popup=strs, weight=2) %>%
  addControl(html=label_html, position="bottomright") 

Works in RStudio viewer, external web browser and (with some tweaks) in a shiny app...

WebGL via three.js: 2013 flights from Edinburgh

If we can link R to online plotting libraries...

 ...we can link anything!


Makes available a huge community-built library of functions with bindings in variety of languages (including R). Essentially huge API wrapper for: weather services, news, social media, plotting libraries...


nyt_ed <- blockspringRunParsed("nyt-article-search", 
                               list( "query" = "Edinburgh", 
                                     "nyt_article_key" = private_key ))$params

"Edinburgh" NYT search results


Articles, photos and video about Edinburgh from The New York Times, including hotel, restaurant and attraction information with reader reviews and advice on where to stay, where to eat and what to do.

Head of R.B.S. Spinoff, Williams & Glyn, to Step Down

John Maltby will serve as an adviser to a consortium of investors who participated in a 2013 bond offering to help finance the spinoff.

Edinburgh International Festival, Under New Director, Sets Lineup

The Edinburgh International Festival in August will be the first under the direction of Fergus Linehan.

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

News about Duke of Edinburgh Philip, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

A Dance Takes Shape From Pringle of Scotland's Archives

The fashion house shares a video, choreographed by Michael Clark Company in celebration of the label’s 200th birthday.

Sacheverell Sitwell's Bright Pageant of Edinburgh

THE history of Edinburgh is violent, tragic, romantic, picturesque and everything by extremes. It was here that Malcolm Canmore brought his English bride, Margaret, after the murder of Duncan and the death of Macbeth in the eleventh century.

Verisk Analytics Agrees to Buy Scottish Energy Research Firm

The Jersey City-based company said it would pay about $2.8 billion for Wood Mackenzie of Edinburgh.

1890: Forth Bridge Is Completed

Highlights from the International Herald Tribune archives: Forth Bridge finished construction in 1890.


  1. Interactive charts can be a powerful way of presenting and exploring data

  2. Charts with interactivity are not difficult to make, and definitely not only the domain of web developers

  3. 2015 is "the year of the htmwidget" — expect ever-improving R solutions to interactive plotting in the near future...

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Thanks for listening

People who've helped me out or I've stolen code from:

@ramnath_vaidya (rCharts, slidify, htmlwidgets), @timelyportfolio (htmlwidgets), @kwbroman (r/qtlcharts), @hadley_wickham (dplyr, ggplot2, devtools), @jcheng (leaflet, shiny examples), StackOverflow, @mbostock (d3.js)

These slides at; more examples: